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17-May-2017, 06:23
Hello! I'm quite newbie to this wonderful community and I'm new to photography field. I joined here just to learn the tips and more about photography.

17-May-2017, 07:06

17-May-2017, 07:48
Welcome to the forums!

Alan Gales
17-May-2017, 14:21
Welcome to the forum.

You are in the right place to learn about large format film photography. Ask any questions you want to help make your ideas happen. :)

Peter Lewin
17-May-2017, 18:23
Where in Switzerland do you live? There may be some members of this forum that live close enough to you to give you some face-to-face help. Also, why don't you tell us a little more about your background, for example whether you have any experience with film, and what sort of camera you own currently.

John Kasaian
17-May-2017, 20:50
Welcome aboard!

Michael Clark
17-May-2017, 21:26
Hello and welcome, from the USA or Switzerland ?

18-May-2017, 05:36
Hello and welcome, from the USA or Switzerland ?

Hi All,

Thanks a lot for the warm welcome! actually I'm from USA but I currently living here in Switzerland.
I just moved here few years ago. I'm excited to learn different things about photography!