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16-May-2017, 02:32
A affordable (€ 299) 4x5 camera (3d printed) from the people at Gibellini cameras.


P.s. There're also plans for a 8x10

16-May-2017, 04:26
"Just as Proxima Centauri is the star closest to us so our "Proxima Centauri" camera will be your closest camera."
Yet another reason not to make cannabis legal.

Dan Fromm
16-May-2017, 05:02
Interesting. Made from 100% recyclable materials. How long will it take to disintegrate?

Fred L
16-May-2017, 05:49
ugh...white ???

16-May-2017, 06:04
I do give them credit for at least trying something...

16-May-2017, 07:01
they should stick to printing bellows..there are plenty of cameras about.. but a cheap way of producing custom bellows would be nice

Doremus Scudder
16-May-2017, 08:41
ugh...white ???

I think it looks cool, and it won't heat up to 200 in the hot sun either (like my rosewood/black bellows camera does!).

An entry-level camera that does most everything is a welcome addition, especially if it encourages people to take up LF.



16-May-2017, 08:58
I agree, Doremus! I think it looks very cool as well. I admire the Intrepid, it I think this certainly looks more interesting (weird yes, but interesting). And maybe we all need another (!) 4x5 camera like a hole in the head. Like the dog poop bags I carry around while walking the dog, Dan's point is well taken!

Peter Lewin
16-May-2017, 09:39
If the materials are well chosen, I can't see anything but praise for an inexpensive and lightweight 4x5 camera. We all benefit from anything that attracts more users into our niche of LF photography. I will be very interested in the reviews of this new camera.

16-May-2017, 09:56
I kind of like it. It's unique.

Kent in SD

mathieu Bauwens
16-May-2017, 12:05
I ordered the 8x10, let's see !

16-May-2017, 12:30
I like it. But I have to much plastic in my life. Think I will get the Intrepid.

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Dan Fromm
16-May-2017, 12:58
The PC camera is made of polylactic acid.


16-May-2017, 13:10
The PC camera is made of polylactic acid.


Still plastic. But not the worst kind.

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Dan Fromm
16-May-2017, 15:45
Still plastic. But not the worst kind.

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Not the best kind either. The link I posted says:

PLA has a very low glass transition temperature (typically between 111 and 145 F). This is essentially the temperature that the material begins to soften. Low glass transition temperatures can be a positive or negative thing depending on the circumstances. The benefit was highlighted above in that it can aid in producing sharp edges when actively cooled. The downside is that PLA parts tend to droop if they are exposed to extended periods of warm temperatures (for example, being left inside a car during a warm summer day). Low glass transition temperatures may also pose problems for items that would go in a dishwasher or that are designed to hold hot liquid (e.g. cups) as they may cause the part to deform.

In addition,

PLA is not known for its material properties. It is more of a consumer plastic than an engineering plastic. Typically, PLA is sought after for its unique ability among plastics to biodegrade in a relatively short amount of time. Among its many uses are food packaging containers and medical implants designed to dissolve in the body over time.

Tim Meisburger
16-May-2017, 19:53
I like his other cameras. I don't particularly like this one (call me a traditionalist), but I'm sure some will, and I agree with Doremus that an inexpensive and functional 4x5 is a good thing. perhaps some of the hipsters shooting plastic cameras will be inspired to step up!

Paul Kinzer
16-May-2017, 22:17
To me, it looks just like a high-end telescope. And white makes even more sense for a camera, since as someone says above, it won't heat up nearly as much in the sun. A telescope is usually used in the dark.

Dark cloths are much nicer when they're white on the outside. I bet this camera is black on the inside.

And what a price! I'd love to know more about just how rugged it is. I have a friend who's considering large format. I'll send him the link.


Paul Kinzer
16-May-2017, 22:22
As usual, Dan has fascinating information. I should have read more carefully before posting.

From that link, I cannot help wondering: why would they build it out of this plastic?

I like the look, but won't bother with the link. 3D printing has sure gotten a lot of hype; I hope it finds a way to live up to it. Maybe it already has, but I've been shown some disappointing examples.

16-May-2017, 23:02
I like it. I do wish them good luck.

For now my Intrepid is handling all my 4x5 needs.

But I guess I could paint the wood white!


16-May-2017, 23:47
I wonder if it will hold up better than a Mattel toy... And I wonder what color the white plastic will be years on???

Cute, but our old cameras are still holding up, even after 100 years... So that is a time tested camera making method, but I have been pulling out out much stuff from the 90's (as I'm moving), and shocked to see many plastic items in various states of decay, and new start-ups don't have the "memory" of experience of how the materials will hold up in the future... (Heck, I've seen vinyl bellows and stuff from the 80's drying, melting, and crumbling out (even from the top makers)...

I can only hope that these can last longer than my last fone... (Just because someone has an idea, DOES NOT always mean it's a good one, life tells us...) :-$

Steve K

Doremus Scudder
18-May-2017, 01:02
... I bet this camera is black on the inside...

I didn't even consider the possibility that the white bellows were also white on the inside! If so, that's a recipe for too much flare, especially with lenses with lots of coverage. I like the idea of white on the outside, black on the inside though. Let's hope that's the way the camera is.


18-May-2017, 04:09
I ordered the 8x10, let's see !

I'll be very curious to hear your experiences! :-)

Intrepid will also be doing a 8x10 kickstarter sometime soon, interesting time to pickup a budget camera.

Fred L
18-May-2017, 08:11
honest question.

have people really had heat issues using traditional wooden cameras and black bellows ? I'm in Canada I so don't see stupid hot and humid weather like the s/w or s/e.

-also, I've never used the rear knob focus (ala Phillips and this camera etc) but I think I'd be more inclined if someone made the camera with a ball joint/ knuckle, so I could keep my hands in a more ergonomic position (same position as focusing on a trad 2 or 3 bed cameras). hope that makes sense.


BIT Saddle
27-May-2017, 04:11
I think it's interesting that anyone would go through this much trouble and engineering to create a biodegradable LF camera. Apparently there's a huge problem with discarded plastic LF cameras filling the landfills and oceans. But for me, I'll stick to LF cameras which will outlast ME. On the other hand, if they design LF cameras that you can eat and actually survive on in a pinch (think: 3D printed bacon?), it just might appeal to the survivalist crowd......