View Full Version : Any idea who made this focal plane shutter?

13-May-2017, 21:07
Anyone recognize this? It's the focal plane shutter on the back of a Ilford PIM camera but I'm not sure it was originally with the camera. Any idea where to find parts?

Steven Tribe
14-May-2017, 03:07
Obviously, a better built FP shutter than most!

Speaking from experiences with 3 other types (and more common types!) a hunt for parts will not give results. Even a parts purchase would be doubtful as the same items get worn on similar shutters.

14-May-2017, 03:33
It sure looks like a Graflex made shutter. I've repaired a few speed graphic focal plane shutters and the internal parts look the very similar. The wind knob looks the same as well. I'd be interested to know myself because I didn't know they made one like this if in fact they did.

14-May-2017, 17:25
Having now compared it to diagrams of the Speed Graphic, I'm sure the basic design is the same. I've never seen a Graphic shutter on the view camera and I suspect they licensed it to PIM back in the 50s. As for parts, I'd like a new curtain and need to replace the escapement spring: part number 30186.164865

Paul Kinzer
15-May-2017, 00:26
It looks like some of those parts are right out of a Pacemaker Speed Graphic. I don't have a curtain, and I don't know the names of things, but I have lots of spare parts. If you can post a photo of just the spring you need, or just write me a PM, I can look through my stuff.

15-May-2017, 17:48
Don't have a photo of the spring. It's about 1/2" long.
here's where it fits: 164903

Paul Kinzer
15-May-2017, 22:16
I'll look into one of my parts cameras to check. It could take a few days because I had back surgery lately and everything is harder and takes longer. But I will check as soon as I can!