View Full Version : Sinar Norma 8x10 bellows question.

12-May-2017, 16:31
I have, use, and love my 8x10 Sinar Norma. The bellows had seen better times so I finally purchased a newer OEM 8x10 Sinar bellows to replace it. Problem is that it does not exactly lock into the Norma's 8x10 standard. Had to glue on two long thin plastic rectangular pieces for it to attach and lock in positively to the front of the Norma 8x10 standard. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I always thought the Sinar parts were fully interchangeable be it a Norma, F, C, P, or whatever.


neil poulsen
12-May-2017, 18:57
There are some parts between modern Sinar and Norma that don't carry over, the standard and bag bellows being two examples. Another example are the bellows clips that are used to let Sinar bellows double as a lens hood.

You could check with Glenn at www.glennview.com to see if he has Norma 8x10 bellows. Presumably, you have the frames from the old bellows. Perhaps www.custombellows.com in the UK could use them to custom make a new set of bellows.

Pete Oakley
15-May-2017, 00:55
I recently had new bellows made for my 8x10 Norma by Custom Bellows. You can select the length and colour that you want your bellows to be. Great people to do business with.