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12-May-2017, 15:39

I am glad to inform members that I can now supply new Toyo cameras, accessories and spare parts. I can also get Toyo cameras serviced for you.

Sample pricing:

Toyo 810MII camera: 375,000 JPY
Toyo VX125B camera: 399,000 JPY
Toyo VX125RII camera: 360,000 JPY
Toyo 45AII camera: 189,000 JPY
Toyo 45AII L (Linhof lens mount): 207,000 JPY

Lens Boards:
Toyo View (158mm square) Lens Boards in Copal #0, 1 and 3 sizes: 3,700 JPY
Toyo View (158mm square) Recessed Lens Boards in Copal #0, 1 and 3 sizes: 5,400 JPY
Toyo Field (110mm square) Lens Boards for 45A and CX cameras in Copal #0, 1 and 3 sizes: 4,500 JPY
Toyo Field (110mm square) RecessedLens Boards for 45A and CX cameras in Copal #0, 1 and 3 sizes: 6,300 JPY
Toyo Linhof style Lens Boards in Copal #0, 1 and 3 sizes: 3,600 JPY Center hole boards are the same price.
Speed Graphic Lens Boards in Copal #0, 1 and 3 sizes: 3,600 JPY
Special hole sizes can be drilled at an extra cost of 4,000~6,000 JPY, depending on size.

Film Holders:
Toyo CH45II AL 4x5 Film Holders with Aluminum Dark Slides: 8,460 JPY per twin pack
Toyo Replacement Aluminum Dark Slides 4x5: 1,350 JPY each
Toyo CH810 8x10 Film Holders: 15,030 JPY each
Toyo Replacement Dark Slides 8x10: 2,700 JPY each

Shipping is via JapanPost EMS or e-Packet, depending on value, and is in addition to the prices above.

All current cameras are supported for spare parts and servicing.

The preferred payment method is bank transfer (either direct or through Transferwise, which is easy to set up and gives better forex rates) or Paypal invoice.

While general questions are okay here, please ask purchase related questions via my forum email (focusgma at gmail dot com).


Dave Wooten
12-May-2017, 17:13
Is the conversion to USD , JPY X .0088?

12-May-2017, 18:16
Very good, Kumar. Congratulations.

- Leigh

12-May-2017, 18:46
That is correct. At xe.com, the current rate is 1 JPY = 0.00882286 USD. This is approximately the rate you'd get if you sent money via transferwise. Paypal's rate is somewhat more expensive by 3~4%.

Thanks, Leigh.