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11-May-2017, 17:32
Hi everyone

I manage to find a K-24 at a good price and received it today. I am trying to remove the lens from the camera. First step were easy and I am currently at the following stage:


Could anyone advise please what the next steps should be to fully remove the lens?

Thanks for your help

12-May-2017, 06:37
Pull those 4 big flathead screws. The lens unthreads in the normal direction from the mount. There may likely be a grub screw holding it in place, look for that on the rear cell area of the lens. It would be a screw going perpendicular to the threads of the lens itself, screwing in radially into the mount and into a recess in the rear lens cell, most likely. It will probably be fairly small.

12-May-2017, 17:13
Got it! Thanks a lot!


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12-May-2017, 17:14
For future reference for other people, here are some useful tips: unscrew the little appendix for the aperture so you don't look stupid when removing things around the lens... [emoji19]

Precision tools used for computers work great to remove the tiny screws holding the lens.


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13-May-2017, 10:57
Nicely done! Thanks for posting the tips and picture too.