View Full Version : Shutter CLA in Canada??

10-May-2017, 20:34
Can anybody recommend a good shop for shutter CLA's here in Canada? Camtech in Hamilton closed last Sept so I'm looking for another.


Hans Berkhout
14-May-2017, 18:49
I have had good experience a few years ago with Horst Wenzel, located in Vancouver.

Send me a p.m. if you are interested in obtaing his contact info from me

16-May-2017, 09:47
I have a Copal shutter being serviced right now at Vancam in Vancouver. The were quick to get back to me and the estimate seems fair but I can't comment on the repair until I get it back.

24-May-2017, 23:20
Just to update, Vancam turned my repair around fairly quickly and the shutter is running well since it came back. They were good to deal with I'll likely send more stuff down their way.

Greg Y
12-Sep-2017, 04:07
Bill Peters (photomagica.com) in Calgary is a magician. He's worked on a variety of shutters for me

12-Sep-2017, 19:33
Thanks Greg - I ended up tracking down Horst in Vancouver and he CLA'd three shutters and overhauled my Yashica LM for me. Reasonable cost and turnaround time worked for me. I'd recommend him as well if anyone's looking.


Dan O'Farrell
7-Oct-2017, 08:33
Years ago, I used Canadian Camera in Ottawa (http://www.canadiancamera.com/).
They're still in business, but I haven't been there recently.
Maybe someone else can add to this?

5-Sep-2018, 22:46
Bill Peters (photomagica.com) in Calgary is a magician. He's worked on a variety of shutters for me

Thanks Greg. I discontinued professionally servicing shutters some time ago. I very much enjoyed working on your shutters. Bill