View Full Version : Where can I buy an exhaust fan for a UV alternative process exposure box

john dean
10-May-2017, 16:14
I'm in the process of putting together a uv exposure box composed of 12 - 48 inch T8 black light bulbs in a single module.

I have everything I need but a good exhaust fan to move the hot air out.

Can anyone recommend one for me to install. I haven't found anything online. I just want to drill a whole in the plywood box and install it.



Peter Collins
10-May-2017, 16:41
If a fan from a computer "tower" is strong enough, you might check in with local computer repair shops. About 6 years ago I needed an exhaust fan for my darkroom, and I got a 4" fan in a square housing from the local computer medic store. $15, I think. Certainly not more.

John Kasaian
10-May-2017, 17:09

10-May-2017, 17:19
Most computer fans are 12VDC, so you would need a wall wart power supply.

10-May-2017, 17:53
I used one of these, very satisfied:

10-May-2017, 18:09
No step-down voltage required. (http://www.dalco.com/p-14171-dalco-muffin-style-axial-cooling-fan-120-vac-80-x-80-x-25mm-18-cfm.aspx?gclid=CK6Gm7bT5tMCFQEGaQod3qACwQ) Put one at each end oriented in the same direction.

10-May-2017, 19:53
Also try All Electronics online.

15-May-2017, 10:14
I got one for my project: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?107360-Another-UV-Light-Box-(16x20) at Grainger Industrial Supplies. Despite their advertisements obviously aimed at businesses, they are retail customer friendly. Their axial fan (Grainger part number 4WT47) requires no step-up/down as it runs on 120. It's quiet and moves plenty of air.
Regards, Jim

15-May-2017, 10:19
Radio Shack. Built two boxes, both have fans from radio shack. Bill Barber

15-May-2017, 11:17
164884164885John Dean-

I remembered late last night that I had a box of small fans salvaged from obsolete security camera housings. Took a look this morning and found I had two 80mm size 115 volt fans. I have no idea of the CFM, but if you want them, I'll ship them to you for the cost of postage.