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Johnny LaRue
9-May-2017, 14:13
Howdy everybody,
I'm a recent adherent to LF, been shooting medium format for 10 years, just for kicks.
A tip from a friend pointed me to a good-looking Toyo 4x5 G, and it's supposed to arrive next week.
I celebrated by buying a few lenses on the cheap from eBay and some film holders, too.
A local friend has been helping me through the baby steps, and I'm excited to get started.
Been enjoying the fine images and discussion here for a few months, and I hope to be a part of it eventually.


John Kasaian
9-May-2017, 17:30
Welcome aboard!

Peter Collins
9-May-2017, 17:45
Ah, bienvenue!

9-May-2017, 17:54
Hi Johnny, and Welcome Aboard.

- Leigh

Alan Gales
9-May-2017, 18:45
Welcome, Johnny! We are glad to have you.

Johnny LaRue
9-May-2017, 19:27
Thanks, amigos; great to be here!

Andrew O'Neill
10-May-2017, 10:33
Welcome from the west coast. Johnny LaRue.... or should I call you, John Candy? :rolleyes:

Johnny LaRue
10-May-2017, 11:17
Cheers, Andrew.
I'm a big fan of the big guy.

Andrew O'Neill
10-May-2017, 11:33
Me too. Miss him big time!

Fred L
10-May-2017, 17:49
Welcome from the west coast. Johnny LaRue.... or should I call you, John Candy? :rolleyes:

Uncle Buck, Planes Trains..Stripes....sigh, he was funny as hell. loved SCTV

Fred L
10-May-2017, 17:51
welcome aboard !

and if yer near Trawna, Downtown Camera has great prices (for Canada) on Kodak products. but ya gotta be a member which is easy if you spend x $ on a purchase or pony up $20. easy to recover that fee with a few film purchases. Means B&H will be seeing fewer orders from me ;)

Andrew O'Neill
10-May-2017, 18:41
SCTV was fantastic. So many got their start there, along with Candy. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is a classic. Loved all the films he made with Eugene Levy, too.