View Full Version : Gitzo 1370M Head Difficult to Tighten - Fixes?

John Layton
9-May-2017, 07:01
The pan function on my Gitzo 1370M (magnesium) head now takes a huge amount of force to tighten - a real pain! I've tried taking it apart and placing the clamping collar into a vice in attempt to "re-set" the "unlocked" resistance...but this has been ineffective. My thought now is to install some sort of shim "collar" to take up some of the slack...which would hopefully pre-load the pan function a bit so further tightening would be more easily accomplished. Anyone else have this issue with this (or other similar) head?

9-May-2017, 07:14
Clean it and make it dry - there is no place for oil to be used. I have the same head and no problems.