View Full Version : Sinar Zoom I - what am I doing wrong?

8-May-2017, 15:56
I bought a Sinar Zoom I today in what appears to be great condition. I only have access to the Sinar Zoom II instructions; I've never seen them for the Zoom I, though I've heard there's little difference. The diagrams on the inside of the holder itself seem to agree.

In any case, I've been able to load the film correctly and the advance lever stops when "EXP" is reached in the little window. However, after pressing the reset button (marked "18" in the manual) to free up the lever and advance to the next frame after an exposure has been made, the advance lever does not stop. It just keeps going and going until I reach the end of the film. What am I doing wrong here? If anyone could provide some help, that'd be greatly appreciated!

10-May-2017, 01:15
Have you turned the lever from "load" to "exp" after the film counter has reached the "EXP" mark?

10-May-2017, 17:34
I did do that, though good thinking nonetheless. I looked at the back last night and noticed there was a tiny shard of plastic (presumably from a 120 spool) stuck in a tiny opening that leads to some internal mechanisms. I pulled it out, actuated the knob which changes negative size, and voila... it works!