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8-May-2017, 08:32
I do not know if similar has been done but I have a Ross No. 3 Cartes de View lens and would like to mount it on my Speed graphic Pacemaker to do portraits
So help and suggestions gratefully received


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Dan Fromm
8-May-2017, 08:44
Are you sure you want to do this? I ask because as Wikipedia understands it the Carte de Visite format is 2 1/8" x 3 1/2". Some other sources say 2 1/2" x 4". Either way, none of Ross' CdV lenses will come close to covering 4x5; I assume y'r Graphic is a 4x5er, could be mistaken.

Nothing, though, would prevent you from cropping a 4x5 to CdV format.

8-May-2017, 12:14
Well, I held the lens up to project onto the wall and got at least a 6" image. The rear element is larger than the lens plate aperture
So I think it is worth giving it a go
yep... it is a 4x5

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Dan Fromm
8-May-2017, 13:32
Knowing the barrel's dimensions, including threading if any, would be helpful.

8-May-2017, 13:43
If you can not find a board with a hole the size you want, or you don't have ability to redrill a board you have, this is a great option.
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Steven Tribe
8-May-2017, 15:22
C de V sizes were not standardised, so coverage will be at least 3x4 inches.

Instead of boring holes for the screws, you can place the flange behind the lens board and use it like a shutter ring.

CdV's are for the Victorian habit of visiting cards, but became items sent to relatives to stick in their fancy albums. Selfies don't have the same charm!

9-May-2017, 03:29
Have measured the flange OD 5 1/4 inch and ID 4 1/4 inch
So this will not be a conventional lens attachment but some sort of ad-hoc mating attachment
Hence the request for suggestions

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