View Full Version : X-Rite 810 spare parts

4-May-2017, 07:00
The X-Rite 810 I got of E-bay was not complete. Is there a place where (used) spare parts are available? Or

Unfortunately it seems I need both the reading lamp assembly (part no. 820-52) and a reading head (part no. 820A-35).


4-May-2017, 09:17
Ah, the joys of the auction site! That's the problem of buying from sellers who often know nothing about what they're selling. I'd contact Sam Coniglio in Hamilton, MT, or return the item if possible.

4-May-2017, 11:01
X-Rite has replacement parts, but they tend to be expensive. You might be ahead to return the defective item, or at least ask for some compensation from the seller.