View Full Version : Lee ND Grad filters question

Steve Goldstein
4-May-2017, 06:31
Some time ago I purchased a few used Lee ND grads, but I'm not sure what kind of grad they are :( They're marked with the amount of blocking (0.6, etc.) and the letter "G". I've looked at the Lee website and other images I found on the web, but I can't make out the markings on any picture I could find. From simply looking at the filters they look like soft grads. Can anyone tell me how the soft grads are marked?

Keith Pitman
4-May-2017, 07:42
The soft filters should be marked G S and the hard filters should be marked G H. The G probably signifies graduated. Here's a picture of both. The soft is on the left. It has less desity for most of the area, while the hard filter gets to full density almost immediately. Hope this helps.

Steve Goldstein
4-May-2017, 07:49
Thanks for posting this side-by-side. I'm at work now, but as I recall when I looked at the filters this morning there was only the G marking. I'll check again tonight. Your photo reinforces my belief that I've got soft grads.

4-May-2017, 14:56
They now make a "Medium" version that are intermediate between "hard" and "soft," and have the full word "Medium" printed at the top edge.