View Full Version : Compound Speed Wheel

3-May-2017, 13:14
Recently I needed a new speed wheel fabricated for a Compound #3 shutter. I couldn't get an acceptable range of times with the old wheel, and I didn't want to spend a bunch of money having it professionally done. Unfortunately, I needed a larger wheel, not a smaller one, so I couldn't just file the old one down. I tried to machine a new one out of brass stock, but without the proper tools, that proved far too difficult. So I came up with an alternate solution.

I took the old speed wheel, soldered a chunck of solder onto it, filed it flat on both sides, and then filed the necessary curvature. I basically just extended the old speed wheel out and filed it back, little by little until I had the proper size. The solder is soft, so it won't harm the pin. It may not last as long as a brass one would, but it should last until the next time the shutter needs a good CLA. Be sure to use lead free solder, as you will be creating some solder dust. It's also a good idea to use gloves and a mask. You can tease the solder off the brass, in the right direction by using the surface tension of the solder against some unmelted solder, and let it cool. Then just solder off the unnecessary solder quickly with your iron, like a knife. From there, you just file it to shape!

I realize this solution isn't for most people. Most people would send it off to be done by a pro. Others might take it to a machine shops and have them CNC it or machine a new one themselves. But if anyone else is in the DIY mood and looking to do this with just a few hand tools, here's how I did it. It works great too!