View Full Version : Re-hanging a photo show.

Robert Langham
3-May-2017, 08:19
Brick Street Anthology, an exhibition thats been up since early February, just had a re-set. There are 50 prints, all 15X15 silver prints in the show. It was a commissioned work by the Tyler Museum of Art, an excellent regional museum in Tyler, Texas. The working title was 100 Tylerites. Many of the subjects had more than one image idea, and I printed many of those. I turned in 88 prints for the 50 print exhibition. The museum just swapped out several of the images. I've never heard of this being done. The curator and I came up with the idea. It's refreshed the show and given unexhibited prints a chance to be seen. Up through May 14.

3-May-2017, 08:25
Fun idea for long shows!