View Full Version : X-Rite 810 manual

27-Apr-2017, 21:52
I cannot find the User's Manual for the X-Rite 810 densitometer online. I wrote to X-Rite and they don't have it either. I've seen that you can buy an original copy on E-bay, but I was hoping to find a pdf online.

In older forum threads people have found it (also on X-Rites' webpage), but the links in those threads are obsolete now. The ones I've found at least.

Does anyone here know of a working link to a pdf (or similar) of the manual?


Rick N
2-May-2017, 21:01
Here is the manual for the X-Rite 810 in PDF format. Enjoy!


2-May-2017, 21:16
Thank you Rick.