View Full Version : What Kind of Sinar Monorail camera do I have???

25-Apr-2017, 21:19
I recently won a large camera case with a Sinar monorail camera and accessories. I do not know what kind of Sinar this is. Would love some help :)

25-Apr-2017, 21:31

25-Apr-2017, 21:36
Hello cskinner,
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It's F type, old model.
Not F1, not F2, and not Alpina of course.
I think its F model.

27-Apr-2017, 19:38
Here is some more information for you.164310

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27-Apr-2017, 19:55

Laurent L
28-Apr-2017, 04:33
Hi, this is A F1

There are three different Sinar F, the F, the F1 and the F2

Yours is a F1 because it has got the black finish and has longer rods than the F, the F1 is a more modern version of the F.

Besides the well known F and P models and the beloved Norma, there are a few other Sinar View cameras like the A1, a low cost version of the F, the Sinar C which is a crossing between a P and a F, the Sinar X which is a cheaper P2...

The fact is that Sinar elements are in generally compatible within each system so you can sometime spot some mutant Sinar View cameras.

I had myself created a monster out of Sinar parts, took a bit of F2 a bit of F... and it was alive ALIVE !!! I named it Sinar Z should have named it frankensinar ! :D