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25-Apr-2017, 20:58
Greetings LF community!

A year ago I returned to my local junior college after a five-year break. I'm all set to transfer to a university in the Fall, and I'm pursuing an art degree with a photography concentration. The JC has a pretty great setup for film photography, with b&w and color darkrooms. Last semester I took the color photo class and started a project using one of the school's 4x5 Calumet monorail cameras, making portraits of folks who suffer from chronic pain (as I do). I found the LF experience to be challenging: much slower, more involved, and more physically taxing...but I loved it.

This semester I was a T.A. for the Intermediate Photo class and I had a chance to guide other students through the view camera process. We did some field work at a nearby park. Unfortunately, my car was stolen from my home and the camera was in my trunk (I was transporting it for class). Luckily, my car was returned; not-so-luckily, the camera was not. It was, as they say, a bummer. :(

I still have two boxes of color 4x5 film in the fridge, and more people to photograph for my project, but no camera. I can't really afford one at the moment, but I'm sending LF vibes out into the universe in hopes that an affordable option will come my way. In the meantime, I thought I'd have a look at the forums here and see what I can learn.

Here are scans of photos from my project so far:164304164305

Jim Graves
27-Apr-2017, 21:10
Welcome from Sacramento.

Apparently the website has been having some issues.

Originally someone was offering a used Shen Hao camera to you ... but their post has now disappeared.

I have an old used .... but perfectly useable 4x5 Calumet monorail that you can have for free ... .

Do you have a lens?

Jim in Sacramento

Sirius Glass
2-May-2017, 20:36
Welcome to LFPF

3-May-2017, 19:44
Hi Jim,

That's mighty nice of you! Nope, I don't have a lens.

Michael Clark
3-May-2017, 21:35
I also have a 4x5 Omega-Toyo view camera, I can check for a free lens to use on Jim's camera, 150mm Schneider Symenar an older single coated lens.