View Full Version : Early Toyo Metal field (4.75x6.5) front shift?

25-Apr-2017, 15:16

I have this very early Toyo metal field "half-plate" with a 4x5 back, and reading this: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/toyo0.html I see mention of shift, but I can't for the life of me figure out how in the world the front shifts. Anyone familiar with this model know what the secret is (if it does actually have that feature)? Thanks!

25-Apr-2017, 19:36
Ok so I think after an exhaustive, hands-on search I can put this one to bed for all eternity- the particular early -model Toyo in question (despite the reference above) has no shift. Dang.

15-May-2017, 12:00
Hi, little late but I agree with the post above. I've used a Toyo early grey-metal half-plate camera (converted to 5x7) for years now and as far as I know it has no shift ability, front or rear.
It's not a movement I use often so, have to admit that I've never missed it. ;)

20-Jun-2017, 09:56
I also don't see any front or rear shift on mine.

Since this is the most recent thread on the Toyo metal field I hope I can pop in with a different question - do viewing hoods for newer Toyo 4x5 cameras fit the factory rotating 4x5 back for the early Toyo metal field? Mine came without one.

20-Jun-2017, 19:12
On mine, standard toyo stuff (i've got the monocular/hood/finder) fits fine.

25-Jun-2017, 08:58
On mine, standard toyo stuff (i've got the monocular/hood/finder) fits fine.

Great to know, thanks!

4-Jul-2017, 10:09
Comically, I promptly went and bought a Toyo viewing hood and it did not fit.

That's not to say that Kinografx is wrong. I searched for photos online and it seems that my Toyo's back is entirely unique - where the hinge pin should go, there are two extra metal spacers. My finger is pointing at one in the first photo. I removed the spacers, but behind them there was no hole for the hinge pin.

On the other side of the hood, there were no grooves in the back to fit the hood's locking nubs. The back also has an extra nub where it would interfere with the closing of the hood.

I suppose I must have a particularly early version. I note that my Toyo's back is entirely hammertone, while the ones I've seen online elsewhere either have a hammertone mounting plate and a white spring back, or are entirely white. Bad luck for me then.



10-Jul-2017, 14:47
Mine looks more like a standard Toyo back (no graflock tho, bummer!)