View Full Version : Mystery 13x18 palttenkamera

Paul Ewins
24-Apr-2017, 01:01
I bought this camera just for the lens - a very early Schneider Symmar - but the camera is just as interspersing to me. I can't identify it and am hoping that somebody is able to hazard a guess based on the various parts. There are no markings on it at all, apart from the numeral 3 stamped on the rotatable back and also on the removable viewing screen which I would guess indicate that they are a matching pair and that whoever made them made at least two other examples. The front standard has geared rise/fall and left/right shift but not tilt or swing. There are three knobs locate on the top and each side that when loosened allows the back to be separated and tilted by about 5 - 10 degrees. The underside of the middle extension shows some sign of being cut and shaped by hand but otherwise everything is finished to a high standard with plating or enamel on the metal components. The lens dates to around 1913 - 1914 but could have been an old lens on a newer camera or a new lens added to an old camera so I wouldn't put too much store in that.





Paul Ewins
24-Apr-2017, 01:05
A few more details, just in case something looks familiar