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Peter De Smidt
22-Apr-2017, 09:30
I have access to a Carvey CNC machine. If you need something machined, and the Carvey is suitable for it, I will consider making it for you. You do the design in Easel, buy the materials and pay for shipping. I won't charge anything for my time. This is for personal use projects only, and only if you are having a hard time finding someone to do this. No commercial uses! I can't guarantee how quickly it would be done, and I'm not responsible for anything that doesn't go to plan. If that's not acceptable, then use someone else. I have to use the machine at my local library, and so I'm subject to it's hours and policies. I'm doing this as a friendly gesture to my fellow photo enthusiasts. If I have any trouble from anyone about it, any at all, I will stop doing it. Some things it should be able to do: cut holes in lens board, make lens caps.....

I also just got certified on the Makerbot Replicator 2 3d printer, and so the same offer applies.

24-Apr-2017, 10:02
Thanks Peter for your generosity.
I do not need "something machined", but appreciate putting your offer here.

6-May-2017, 10:08
Hello Peter

I wonder if you would be able to mill Graphic rangefinder cams. I got the design program from the SouthBristolViews site but that just produces a printed sketch of the cam that one can use as a template to make your own by tracing and then cutting, sawing and grinding. I don't have the skills, tools or the time to do that. I have twice sent a message to Rich of that site asking if he could modify the program to output the measurements instead of just producing a drawing but have had no response. Would you be able to use a drawing profile to create the necessary piece?


Peter De Smidt
6-May-2017, 19:57
Easel needs an SVG file. If you can convert the drawings to that format, then it might work.