View Full Version : Polaroid MP4 reflex viewer on Speed Graphic?

19-Apr-2017, 17:35
Just wondering if anyone has modified the Polaroid reflex viewer to the speed graphic. Do you still use it, or have you reverted back to dark cloth or some other solution?

Dan Fromm
19-Apr-2017, 18:18

Drew Bedo
20-Apr-2017, 06:00
I have done this conversion twice. It is pretty simple to do. The clips that hold on the folding GG viewing hood are swapped with those on the bino-viewer with a screw driver. The bino-viewer clips to the casmera's GG in place opf the folding hood.

The result is effective as a viewer and helped me some as I transitioned from a Canon AE-1 to 4x5 LF.

The unit is stoutly built, almost bulet proof. This means it is heavy, even clunky, and inconvenient to transport in the field.

Dom it if you want to and can gbet the parts for a song as I did. Us it till you don't need it anymore.

Do whatever gets on film the image you have in your head.

20-Apr-2017, 07:39
I have one of those that some yahoo took apart and could not reassemble.


20-Apr-2017, 15:01
I have a couple of MP3 viewers that will clip directly to a GRAFLOK focus panel (spring clips that hold GG and focus hood on) on a Pacemaker Crown and GVII I own without modification... Some very minor adjustment of the clips are sometimes needed for the right height to catch over the pins on the viewer body...

The problem is that the viewer body is a little heavy, so there is an issue when camera is shooting level and the focus panel springs are trying to do all they can to hold the panel to the back (but barely)... Works fine if camera is aimed downwards, as gravity helps the situation...

Then, there's the thing that you can only view landscape (horizontal) orientation with the camera level... (Most of my tabletop and C/U work is vertical orientation...)

But fantastic to use with a copy stand!!!

One tip is that the FS mirror cement is usually ready to release, so re-epoxy it on before bouncing the viewer around too much...

Steve K

Paul Ewins
20-Apr-2017, 16:12
Here's how I did it: http://www.paulewins.com/old_site/resources/MP4_viewer.htm

Drew Bedo
21-Apr-2017, 05:15
A stray thought that came to me early into the first cup of pre-sunrise coffee:

A reflex viewer on the TOP of a Graflex Reflex. Would look a little like a huge RB-67. Would enable (limited) LF action/wildelife/sports photography.

So this would not be a simple clip-on project, but it must be do-able.