View Full Version : Help with Rodenstock Klimsch lenses Price

18-Apr-2017, 04:37
Hi, This is my first post, very nice forum.
I found a set of 3 Rodenstock Klimsch Process lenses, 240mm-360mm-480mm for 40$, they are in very good condition.
I just checked the prices on ebay and some lenses for sale on this forum also , and it seems 40$ for all three is something shouldn't think about and
buy them right away,
but as I'm very new to these lenses if there is something about the price that i haven't noticed please notice me.

Dan Fromm
18-Apr-2017, 04:53
If they are in good order grab them. If not, walk away.

Mark Sampson
18-Apr-2017, 17:57
Klimsch is/was a maker of graphic arts equipment for whom Rodenstock supplied these lenses. Much as Goerz made 'Robertson' and 'Kenro' lenses. I'd follow Mr. Fromm's advice.

19-Apr-2017, 04:13
Thanks For your reply, I grabbed 'em :