View Full Version : Flip top Plate Burner

18-Apr-2017, 01:08
Anyone have any experience using one of these old monsters for alt pro? Seem to be lots on the 2nd hand market, would love to hear a story or two about some first hand experiences with them.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
18-Apr-2017, 07:13
I picked up a NuArc FT18V about 8 years ago for $25. It is reliable and functional (but noisy), and I have yet to find a reason to replace it. I had to spend a few hours cleaning it out, but since doing that all I have done to it is adjusting and cleaning the sensor and replacing the bulb. M&R Print sent me a scanned repair manual, but warned me that it is an orphan and few of its innards are still made. So, when it breaks, it probably goes to scrap...