View Full Version : Pentax digital meter - Disassembly ?

John Jarosz
13-Apr-2017, 08:50
How does this meter come apart? My problem is not electronics, the meter portion works fine.

The lens in the eyepiece has come loose. I cannot figure out how to disassemble the meter to get access to the lens (in the eyepiece that screws in/out )

I can't find any other threads that addressed this issue.



Eric Woodbury
13-Apr-2017, 09:09
It's been a long time, but you have to remove the eyepiece flange thing. And some screws at the bottom. Then I think the case peels off. Don't force anything.

13-Apr-2017, 20:50
There's a screw under the serial number sticker (just above the wrist strap) that you might have missed. I had to take mine apart a few months back, it had a loose screw inside rattling about.