View Full Version : Zone VI Cold Light Installation on Omega D2

12-Apr-2017, 07:33

I just got a new to me Omega D2 and I ordered a Zone VI Cold Head. I can see how I can install the head in the metal can that holds the condenser lenses but I don't see a way to mount it to the enlarger frame. Is it normal to just lay it up there when working?

I will want at times to use both heads. I print on Ilfrobrom graded paper mostly so I'm hoping the cold light is going to be just what I want, I have always wanted one but never owned one and I have been printing since the mid 80s.

Also any advice on mounting lenses to the Omega would help. It came with a cone and a flat mount, the cone has a 161mm lens that will focus a 4x5 neg and the flat mount has a 90 which I have not tried as I need to make some carriers for 35 and 120 sizes. I have 50 and 90 lenses already but need mounts for them. Should I look at cone or flat mounts?

Merg Ross
12-Apr-2017, 07:47
You will want the flat boards for the 50mm and 90mm lenses.

John Layton
12-Apr-2017, 09:53
All three of my 4x5 cold light heads (two Aristo units, and one Zone VI) fit nicely into the condenser "can" of my D2-V. The can then mounts to the existing carrier tabs. I also remove the upper (moveable) condenser and lamp house, and the wires can either snake up through the resulting opening, or sideways through an opening I've filed out of the upper edge of the can. I have two cans - one for condensers and one for a cold light. Makes switching back and forth easier!