View Full Version : Nuarc 26 1KS 2NT

8-Apr-2017, 13:47
Anybody know what the "2NT" designates?

8-Apr-2017, 21:05
The only reference I could find for "NT" and the NuArc 26 1KS, was the NT43 -- a curtain assembly (to block UV ).

8-Apr-2017, 21:37
That's pretty much all I found as well. Found one for sale...it says 26 1KS on the front panel but has 26 1KS 2NT on the information plate on the back of the unit. Thanks!

8-Apr-2017, 22:56
For what it is worth, the 2NT pulls 12.5 amps and the NT pulls 9.5 amps.

Since both models are 1000 watts, the only other things that draw power are fans and vacuum pump -- perhaps the 2NT has a more powerful vacuum pump.

Paul Cunningham
8-Apr-2017, 23:09
Different electronics that stores exposure times as preset I think.

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