View Full Version : Any information for KAYVIEW WF 210mm F6.8 (JML optical) ?

8-Apr-2017, 10:36
I purchased this lens for 810 camera that seller described since it looks pretty small. But I can not find any information about this lens. Anyone has the information for this lens?163625163626

Neal Chaves
8-Apr-2017, 11:58
Lens and Repro, the legendary NYC large format store which closed in 2012 was owned by the Kay family. Perhaps this is a private label lens sold by them.

8-Apr-2017, 14:30
Thanks, once I get my lens board, I will test this lens.

Mark Sampson
8-Apr-2017, 15:44
JML was/is a Rochester-based optical firm, I believe. Perhaps connected with D.O. Industries? My knowledge of these things is pretty shaky though. Might be a copier lens design?

Nodda Duma
8-Apr-2017, 18:05
JML is still alive and well, but their primary business is limited to fabricating optics and custom assemblies. I was up there back in December for work.

The business has since changed hands from when your lens was made.

Dan Fromm
9-Apr-2017, 07:50
OP, why don't you ask your lens what type it is?

It could be a dagor type. If so, you'll see two bright reflections (from air-glass interfaces) and two dim reflections (from glass-cement-glass) interfaces from each cell. The dim reflections can be hard to see. Unscrew the cells from the shutter for ease of counting, use a point source of light.

It could be a 4/4 double Gauss type. If so you'll see four bright reflections from each cell.

Barely possibly a 6/4 plasmat type (4 bright, 1 weak), almost certainly not dialyte type (4 bright) or a tessar type (4 bright from 1 cell; 2 bright, 1 dim from the other).