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8-Apr-2017, 07:27
I am new to large format landscapes, and have a Graflex Super with Ektar 127 lens. What type of filter holder and GND filter holders/filters are available?

8-Apr-2017, 10:20
Slip-on series filters. You'll need the correct sized adapter with filter ring or shade, and series filters.

Measure the OD of the lens front element. That's the size adapter to get. Plus or minus half a mm or so since the tabs can be adjusted a bit.

8-Apr-2017, 10:25
But if GND is your main interest you might need a different solution since I don't think GND was ever made as series size filters.

8-Apr-2017, 21:17
Thanks, Brian. I am interested in GND, though. I have an adaptor for a couple of colored filters for black and white photography, but didn't know if any similar options for GND.

8-Apr-2017, 21:31
Another good option is the Lee 4x4 filter adapter that uses the rubber bands to hold it to the lens barrel. I gave up on the slip-on series adapters many years ago in favor of the Lee system and their B&W filter set. Unfortunately, it won't work with a GND as far as I know...

9-Apr-2017, 07:53
Thanks for your suggestion

17-Apr-2017, 12:45
The Cokin A filter holder has a 44mm adapter ring available which will screw into a series VI slip-on adapter.

17-Apr-2017, 17:51
Thanks for the info! Will look into finding one.