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6-Apr-2017, 12:44
Hello forum

Southern U.S. selections from my National Character project featured on OXFORD AMERICAN'S Eyes on the South section, thanks to photographer Jeff Rich (http://www.jeffreyrich.com/) who curates it...

All made with large and medium format film.

Check it out here:

Oxford American - The Counterpoint (http://www.oxfordamerican.org/item/1138-the-counterpoint)

Jim Galli
6-Apr-2017, 13:14
Heart felt congratulations. I enjoyed my trip through the images. Once upon a time I had a Lionel Lines version of the Southern Railways ABA streamliner diesels ala 1954.

Serge S
6-Apr-2017, 13:49
Very set set of images. Thank You

Thom Bennett
7-Apr-2017, 07:36
Nicely done! OA is a class act as a magazine.

17-Apr-2017, 12:54
congratulations on the publication... oa is a great read with great pix.