View Full Version : Sinar F to P conversion - help please!

6-Apr-2017, 07:41
Is there a way to mount a Sinar f front lensboard holder (sorry not sure what to call it) on to a Sinar P bearer?
What do I need to buy? ...and where?

6-Apr-2017, 07:47
Can you post photos of the parts you're trying to combine?

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6-Apr-2017, 09:15

6-Apr-2017, 09:27
Take a look at this site he has a few manuals worth looking at.



6-Apr-2017, 09:30
The Sinar frames are identical on all the models. What differs is the way they are fitted to the bearers. On the f models, there's a flat piece that goes between the frame and the bearer, and is attached using screws. On the P and X models that piece is shaped differently and has a hole in the middle. The locking screw at the side goes into the hole. You need that piece. If you look at photos on the internet, you can see it clearly. Or I'll post a couple of photos tomorrow.


6-Apr-2017, 14:02
I went through this last year when i wanted to upgrade my sinar c, when the Front standard showed up i tried to remove the coupler frame from my existing Front F standard, not worth the effort. I found a front coupler on ebay for $80. way simpler. attached photo is from the sinar manual and shows the interchange of parts for each model. 163535

6-Apr-2017, 14:20
Thanks everyone - I understand what I need - any clues where to buy it? and what's it called?

6-Apr-2017, 14:25
I'm not sure I understand what you need but if my guess is correct it's probably easier to buy a front frame for a p on eBay. They come up by themselves once in a while. You could email George Brown and ask him if he has one, or Glennview has a lot of old parts although he's not cheap.

Personally I'd just buy a complete old p from eBay or keh and then you've got a lot of spare parts for not a lot extra.

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6-Apr-2017, 23:51
I bought a Sinar P coupling frame from ebay as suggested - it was $85. Thanks everyone for your help.