View Full Version : Pop Up Cabana for Changing Tent?

5-Apr-2017, 15:38
Anyone every try a child's pop up cabana covered with blanket as a film changing tent? My thought is on vacation to put it on the edge of the bed, kneel with head and shoulders inside with blanket over the cabana and myself for loading and unloading holders.

I have a light tight bag but others warn of the dangers of scratching X-ray film in a bag. With the rig above I could use my red led flashlight as well.


Michael Clark
5-Apr-2017, 20:27
When I think of the word "Cabana" my mind travels to South or central America where it can be hot and humid , so I thinking I would like to keep my sweat dripping head out of the small "Cabana" for fear of high humidity wetting film. I like the two arm tents where just your hands and fore arms are enclosed, less humidity that way.

Drew Bedo
6-Apr-2017, 06:17
I have both a changing bag and a changing tent. The bag is less convenient to use, but it folds flat with little bulk for packing. The tent is easier to use, but is heavier and a bit bulky for air travel. The bag is just bit enough o load 8x10 film holders on a table, but I have loaded 4x5 film on my lap while riding in the back seat of a car .

9-Apr-2017, 17:18
Another option for a nice hybrid changing tent is getting the largest changing bag, and one of those metal dividers used to separate hanging files in a file cabinet drawer... One in the bag will extend the bag to the max, and will collapse to flat strips for storage/transport... Plenty of room to load holders, and open film boxes...

Just make sure the metal frame has no sharp points that can damage bag (a little tape over 'em is OK)... This will transform your changing bag experience!!!

Steve K

20-Apr-2017, 06:47
Thanks Steve,
I like that idea as I probably have all the components around the house to try it!

20-Apr-2017, 10:59
I was at a garage sale and someone was selling a doggie 'tent'.. I guess for taking dogs camping or something.. but it was for german shepard sized dogs and I thought if one could make it light tight and sew in those are deals.. that would be perfect for up to 11x14 anyway