View Full Version : Mounting wall boom to ceiling so that it can be rotated.....

Peter De Smidt
4-Apr-2017, 13:04
I'm going to be using a wall boom for awhile in my smallish studio. You can see a similar boom here: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/546663-REG/Manfrotto_098B_098B_Wall_Mounting_Boom.html I'd like to use it with both softboxes and a bounce umbrella. Perhaps mounting it to the 9ft ceiling above the portrait subject would be the most flexible for a key light, as I could rotate it all around the subject, as well as raise and lower it. Does anyone have a good idea for mounting the boom too accomplish this?

4-Apr-2017, 15:11
You can get big 500-1000 lbs rated shelf brackets at the big box hardware store. Use a pair of those perpendicular to each other (attached to the stringers or ceiling structural pieces) and attach the wall boom where the brackets meet.

4-Apr-2017, 19:52
Shelf brackets are a good idea.
Make sure they're firmly attached to the studs in the wall, not just to the wall sheet rock.

Modern ceilings are barely strong enough to support the acoustic tiles.

- Leigh