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2-Apr-2017, 22:12
Dear All

Thought I should introduce myself to the community.

I've been interested in photography for 35 years. Interest has ebbed and flowed. Mainly interested in street and available light types of photography. Whilst I still have a number of film cameras my go to cameras have been digital Leica Ms and more recently the SL...

However, I've been increasing resistant to digital - a reaction to the ease and speed which are its obvious charms. I've been finding myself pulling out my old Rollei TLRs and Mamiya 6. Whilst they were a step up I realised that I wasn't so much after the bigger negative but more the greater and more thoughtful approach to photography. It also made me realise that I want to move to a more studied approach than MF film...

So, on the weekend I pulled out my Linhoff IV and began to achieve what I was looking for. A best afternoons shooting I've had for years - only 4 images captured and no nothing yet developed! So much for instant gratification. And now I'm here because I want to learn more about LF and I think I want to try 8x10...

I live in New Zealand, so I will most likely be buying an 8x10 camera and system sight unseen. Moreover, repairs are costly and time consuming - assuming the camera or lens has to be sent to USA, Japan or Europe for a repair. I thought this forum would be a great place to help me on my quest. And hopefully one day I can contribute something back.



3-Apr-2017, 06:09

3-Apr-2017, 16:36
Welcome aboard Murray - hope you can share some images soon.

Leszek Vogt
3-Apr-2017, 18:40
Welcome to LF forum.


Alan Gales
6-Apr-2017, 11:51
Welcome to the forum, Murray!

A very good friend of mine visited Australia and then New Zealand for two months. He sent me a post card from New Zealand saying that your country was a photographer's heaven. Enjoy your 8x10!

6-Apr-2017, 12:13
Been in your neck of the woods a few times. Welcome! Looking forward to your results!
Just a little something from near you taken my last time in NZ (30 yrs ago!). (4x5 TMax100, 150mm lens)

6-Apr-2017, 18:32
Thanks everybody. So far I'm finding the forum very informative and the people constructive, which is a change from one other camera forum I am on.

At this stage i'm still in search of a 8x10 camera, so you won't be seeing any of my output for a while.



John Kasaian
6-Apr-2017, 20:01
Welcome aboard!