View Full Version : Looking for suggestion of a studio 4x5 film for still life / sculpture

2-Apr-2017, 10:31
I've shot with Portra 400 ( which I like ) and Ektar ( which is awesome but maybe not so much for studio use ). I Purchased a new dish that puts out a lot of light so a 100 asa film is preferable. I've been looking into Provia 100f. Looking for some recommendations. I do like a neutral image but possibly with some more " flavor ".

2-Apr-2017, 11:34
What about Portra 160 at a EI100? in 35mm that gives great results colour wise.

2-Apr-2017, 13:25
Another vote for Portra 160. My sense is that Ektar caters to the studio, where light is more controllable to manage its higher contrast. Do you mean you prefer a more neutral palette? Then Ektar wouldn't be the choice.

Drew Bedo
2-Apr-2017, 13:55
So, only color and anything but transparency films then?

2-Apr-2017, 14:44
I've been getting a blue cast that's been difficult to manage with Ektar. I'm using a higher quality dish that puts out a ton of light so I'll be eager to get back the latest shots with Ektar. I only shoot 4x5 now as the scanning results are better and I don't need to go through tons of film.

I'm going to try Portra 160 and possibly Provia the 100

Drew Bedo
6-Apr-2017, 13:09
I have had great results with window light with a white reflector to open the shadows. color balance doesn't seem to be a problem.