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30-Mar-2017, 21:58
After years of shooting video/photo professionally, I embarked on a new career 5 years ago and have begun shooting film (35mm and 120) for my personal work. I've become intrigued by the possibilities of large format, and of course my research led me here!

Looking forward to absorbing as much as I can...

31-Mar-2017, 05:26

Alan Gales
31-Mar-2017, 06:45
You have found the right place. 'There is a lot to learn here with plenty of nice, knowledgeably people who are willing to help you.

Welcome to the forum!

John Kasaian
31-Mar-2017, 07:42
Welcome aboard!

31-Mar-2017, 15:56
Many thanks!

Andrew O'Neill
31-Mar-2017, 17:28
Welcome. This is the best place to be for LF.

31-Mar-2017, 17:38
Welcome. This is the best place to be for LF.

+1 for this, the LF Forum has been invaluable for me over my first 5-6 years of the LF journey.