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29-Mar-2017, 11:52
I live in Vancouver, Canada. It basically rains 366 days out of the year here (yes, I realize there are only 365 days in a year).

I use mostly modern lenses (Rodenstock and Schneider), but also use an Aero Ektar from time to time.

Just wondering how weather-proof (if at all) these lenses might be?

29-Mar-2017, 13:58
They are not. Nothing to really stop water from getting into the shutter. Same for the aero ektar. Water can work it's way through the aperture ring and then into the inside. Just have keep it covered up and out of the pack when home if they get misted on which I have feeling you get often.

29-Mar-2017, 14:12
The aero ektar had the shelter of the aircraft and as a last resort its own housing. The lens alone did not extend into the weather.

29-Mar-2017, 20:03
I figured as much. Thanks for your replies, gentlemen.

Jim Jones
30-Mar-2017, 04:56
A big rain cape attached to a lens hood and draped over the camera can keep mist off of both photographer and equipment.

30-Mar-2017, 12:04
I made an over-night exposure along a creek I was backpacking along -- got well below freezing and the condensation on the lens froze, etc. Not a good thing for the lens. I took it apart and managed to dry it out the next day when I found some sun for an hour or so.

One February awhile back I had Bridalvail Falls in Yosemite shift in the wind and come right down on top of me and 8x10. Camera was quickly covered with a cloth darkcloth as I saw the water approach. Finished the shot, and spent lunch drying everything out in the sun. Lens made it through fine (Fuji W 300/5.6)