View Full Version : New Posts link not working?

27-Mar-2017, 11:01
The past few days I've been getting an error when I hit the "New Posts" link. Other ways of accessing the forum seem unaffected.

Is anyone else having this problem?

27-Mar-2017, 11:54
What "New Posts" link? I see no such link in the options bar.

I see "What's New?" (which I've never used) and "Today's Posts" (which I always use).

- Leigh

27-Mar-2017, 13:01
This is what the menu looks like on my screen. "New Posts" is the first link on the second row.


I bookmark this link as it shows me everything that has been posted since last time I was here. Clicking on it gives an error whether I am on desktop or mobile phone.

27-Mar-2017, 13:11
It's working for me here, but on another forum, it was "hit-or-miss" for a while.

28-Mar-2017, 14:03
I click "new posts" every time I come here and it's been working fine for me.

28-Mar-2017, 16:06
working for me Mac osx mavericks and safari Version 9.1.3

29-Mar-2017, 09:40
Hmmm, maybe something on my end of things. Not having any luck with either Windows/Chrome browser or my Blackberry mobile browser. I'll try logging in and out and clearing the cache and see what happens.