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bob carnie
27-Mar-2017, 07:51
Hello All,

Every so often I find myself stretching the photographic envelope. I have never been one to be afraid to invest in materials, time and labour and also convince others to give time to help me on projects that are beyond the scope of day to day business.
The Alternative Photo Revolution is something that I have been working on for years now, first learning everything I could about Photoshop, then learning how to make alternative prints of various mediums. This has taken the better part of 8 years. The garbage bin has been full of experiments gone bad, prints that do not meet my expectations, but along the way I feel I have stretched my palette of expertise and have hit a couple of home runs along the way. I call it the new breed of print but in fact, the processes and image manipulation methods I am using have been practiced for over 150 years.

Early practitioners who I can immediately point to would Edward Steichen with his gum pigment prints, and of course Irving Penn and his multiple series platinum prints. The prints that I am focusing on these days are a mixture of many processes from our photographic past.

We are offering six prints for raffle during the Alternative Photo Revolution, images donated by the photographers and printed by me using a variety of processes. Start your permanent print collection by purchasing a ticket, for the fraction of the print selling price. The first draw will take place on Friday March 31 during the private reception for Alt in New Orleans. The second draw will be in Toronto when the show is up for CONTACT. Your name will be in both if you sign up now.

Find the Eventbrite link here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/alternative-photo-revolution-new-orleans-tickets-32410970084

Good luck, and thank you.


Thom Bennett
1-Apr-2017, 14:38
Just saw the exhibit in New Orleans. Great job! Really dig the tri-color gum over platinum process.

bob carnie
16-May-2017, 07:31
Bump - Thursday night is the final draw, a good chance to win a collectable archival print

Len Middleton
22-May-2017, 08:10
Missed the raffle, but fortunately did not miss the exhibit in Toronto.

Certainly a mix of different techniques and styles on display, and it is good to see them all side by side to see the difference it makes to the final image.

Thanks for organizing such a diverse exhibit Bob!!