View Full Version : Help identifying Manfrotto/Bogen arm.

25-Mar-2017, 16:02
I'm trying to identify and obtain another one of these arms. I use it with a clamp which I fasten to my tripod leg. The other end I fasten to the base of a field camera. Greatly increases the stability of the whole setup. Not in the current Manfrotto website.

25-Mar-2017, 19:18
Long lens camera support 359-1? Needs a super clamp 035C to attach to tripod leg. Page 80 of the Manfrotto Photo Supports catalog, apparently a 2014 edition.

Also page 84 of what seems to be a 2010 edition here: http://upload.cyfrowe.pl/cyfrowe/plikiPDF/manfrotto_katalog_produktow.pdf

$83.00 in stock at B&H.

26-Mar-2017, 03:51
Thank you chassis! I kept calling it an arm. No wonder I couldn't find it.
Thanks again, Terry

26-Mar-2017, 06:26
Any time Terry! Former Detroiter myself. I like the Kzoo/Marshall area alot.

Jim Andrada
27-Mar-2017, 01:25
If you search B%H under "Magic Arm" or "Israeli Arm" (seriously - that's what they're called) you can find a lot of interesting stuff. There are also smaller versions of the super clamp that might be adequate. Lots of good "Gaffer" stuff in the Video/Cine category. A lot of these arms are used to hang various stuff (external viewfinders, lamps, recorders, etc etc etc) off of the bigger video cameras.