View Full Version : Any Experience With An Imacon Flextight Precision II Scanner

21-Mar-2017, 14:25
I have been offered an Imacon Flextight Precision II Scanner complete with a selection of holder including 35mm, 6x6 and 4x5

I understand they are quite old because it also comes with a SCSI card and I used to use SCSI back in the late 1980's.

Has anyone any experience with these scanners and especially how they perform against an Epson V800

21-Mar-2017, 14:26
I saw it perform better than v800 in 135 and 120

Richard Wasserman
21-Mar-2017, 14:38
I use a Precision III scanner, which is pretty much the same thing as the one you are looking at. I have not compared it against an Epson, but can say that I like it a lot, and assume it is a superior machine. It is very easy to use (once you have it set up) and it does a very nice job. The largest prints I have made are 20x24—from 4x5 negatives— and they looked very nice. The scans are very sharp, with good highlight and shadow detail.

I use mine with an old Mac computer. Be aware that it requires a SCSI adapter, and I'm not sure they are still made. I use a Ratoc FR1SX, maybe your scanner comes with one?

Michael Rosenberg
22-Mar-2017, 13:17
I have one, and they are quite good. Very fast and yield sharp negatives.

You can get a SSCI to Firewire adapter, and then put a firewire card in your mac or pc. But be sure that the Firewire card has to be a powered card. Look for one on NewEgg (where I bought mine so many years ago. You can get additional film holders on E-Bay. The 4x5 holder cuts off the image area, so I had mine milled out and use a mylar sandwich to hold the negative.


Richard Wasserman
22-Mar-2017, 13:26
The Mac OS needs to be an older version—I believe 10.6 is the latest supported by the scanner software.

bob carnie
22-Mar-2017, 13:38
we switched our Imocan from a Mac server to Windows , seems to work well for us.

22-Mar-2017, 14:07
Are the scans of 4x5 impressive

27-Mar-2017, 11:54
It's a good scanner. I don't know if it's impressive, but it's certainly better than the epson flatbeds. It isn't terribly quick though, you're looking at 15-20 min/scan and you have to run it on legacy equipment, so it's fiddly.