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19-Mar-2017, 09:14
Hello everyone!

My name is Hayden, I recently relocated to Seattle from Los Angeles. I spent the last 6 years working in the film industry as a focus puller and operator. So while Im well versed in motion picture cameras and technique, the world of stills (especially large format) is an entirely new beast to me. To get started I picked up a nice old Toyo 45d with a Schneider 150 f/9 and have since been piecing together the rest of the essentials for a kit.

This forum has been a great resource, so I look forward to being a part of it moving forward as I take the plunge into large format.


19-Mar-2017, 10:48
Welcome to the LF forum!

David Karp
19-Mar-2017, 12:25

Pali K
19-Mar-2017, 13:28
Welcome Hayden!

Leszek Vogt
19-Mar-2017, 14:10
Welcome to LF forum. You may want to hold onto connections for some incidentals....like gaffers tape.


John Olsen
19-Mar-2017, 16:30
There are a few others up here in the Seattle area. I'm on Whidbey Island, just a little north of you. If you're heading up this way on your explorations send me a message.
John O

Robert Opheim
19-Mar-2017, 17:44
Welcome to Seattle! If you haven't been by Glazer's Camera they have some supplies and used equipment - their supplies have gotten smaller after their move into the new locations. Large format users are spread around the Puget Sound area.

Andy Eads
19-Mar-2017, 20:34
Welcome Hayden! The dry side of Washington is represented on this forum as well. Come on over when you get the chance.

Doug Herta
20-Mar-2017, 20:32
Welcome to Seattle Hayden! See you around!