View Full Version : So that 4x5 daylight developing tank that was discussed before...

Fred L
17-Mar-2017, 16:03
There was a thread or two about this prototype a while ago. Well Freestyle is now selling it, price seems good if it works well. Would love to hear firsthand experience with a production unit as it could be very useful for processing on the road. Team that up with R5 monobath and field processing is easier.


Mick Fagan
18-Mar-2017, 02:17
In short, it is brilliant. I have been very impressed with mine, which is the first run batch.

Later units now have a modified film holder, although I haven't had any issues at all with mine.

If you intend to take it on the road, I would suggest you have a dish of some kind that can take a film holder laying flat on the water surface. By doing this, the film just (almost) floats out of the holder; certainly makes life a bit easier.

Uses just under 500ml of solution, which with 1:1 dilution of D76 works well.


Fred L
18-Mar-2017, 06:06
Thanks Mick ! guess I'll order one for using on the road. Sounds like a cleaner and easier option than the big Nikkor sheet film tank.

Hope the weather is fine down there and have a hot jam donut at the Vic Market for me ;)

18-Mar-2017, 07:20
Has anyone used this tank for C-41 processing? Found one comment on this site, looking for more data points. Thanks.

18-Mar-2017, 08:59
As a new LF shooter, it's the only tank I've used. I've been incredibly pleased with it.

18-Mar-2017, 10:21
Very cool. I have the mod45 system for developing 4x5 negatives. I definitely would have considered this if it had been out when I bought the mod45!