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17-Mar-2017, 08:56
Does somebody haves an user manual for the LACOLI cold head for the DURST 139S?
The LACOLI I got is the one with the separated power supply in that yellowish housing (sic) for AC 110-220V and 50Hz (I am in Europe).
What I wonder is how to switch that head with a timer. The power supply's secondary is high voltage (1200 V ???) and no timer can do that.
When I switch via the grid plug, thus the powering of the primary winding of the supply's transformer, it takes a while before the lamp house, which might be a neon light I think, is at full power.
Any suggestions?

17-Mar-2017, 09:56
You might want to contact Durst Pro USA in Oregon. I'm not aware that there was a separate manual for that head, it's covered in the L-138 manual. I would install a photocell and use a compensating timer like the Metrolux. You might want to reach out to Eric Woodbury, the designer of the Metrolux, on this site. Luis

17-Mar-2017, 10:24
If it takes a second to light up , just add a second to your time. My CLS2000 takes a second to heat up, but its built-in timer compensates.