View Full Version : Who on Earth made 16x14" Cameras?

Steven Tribe
17-Mar-2017, 03:15
The English progression for ULF Cameras that I know is:

12x10", 15x12", 18x16" and 22x20", 25x21".

How does a 16x14" fit into this series.

This is a book type double sided mahogany plate holder of some age. Bought along with a standard 12x10" similarly period holder.
Actually it would prefer a glass plate a few mms longer in both directions to fit better in the recess. The measurements don't match any Continental metric equivalent.

Help, please! I don't want to build another camera.

David Hedley
17-Mar-2017, 03:58
Perhaps custom made for astronomy usage?

Mark Sawyer
17-Mar-2017, 14:09
14x16 was a standard size for window pane glass. Perhaps someone with a stash of glass that size had a custom plate-holder made, along with a matching reduction back for a larger camera? Just guessing...

Steven Tribe
17-Mar-2017, 15:40
There are no special markings I would expect on a one-off project. The sides have the usual type ivory inserts with no. 7 and 8. The window glass idea could be right as I am sure there is more allowance for oversize cut glass than usual. The brass fitments are well above the usual standard in gauge and finish and with aligned screw slots. The slide locking is by a concealed mechanism activated by a button in the pull.

18-Mar-2017, 06:15
I'm not sure that that was a particularly established set of ULF sizes here in the UK, The regular commonest sizes over 10"x8", were 12"x10" and 15"x12".

Looking in old BJP Almanacs there's adverts for larger cameras -18"x16" 20"x16", 24"x20", 18"x26", 20"x18".

Imperial list the standard plate sizes up to 15"x12" and then 18"x16", 20"x16" and 24"x20" and state all other sizes a Proportional prices, which would cover your 16"x14". Wellington list those same British ULF sizes, again special sizes cut to order, Ilford include 22"x18".

So 18"x16", 20"x16", 22"x18" and 24"x20"seem to be the standard ULF sizes (over 15"x12") in the UK, others being less common and cut to order.


18-Mar-2017, 13:56
I have made 6 - 14 x 16 cameras and holders

Steven Tribe
19-Mar-2017, 04:05
I doubt you were active around 1900, so probably not one of yours!

Did you make this size out of knowledge that it had been used before, or was it puchaser request or your decision?