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16-Mar-2017, 11:01
Hi. I am completing the build of a Gepstad 4x5 camera and have a minor question, but potentially a large issue, with the tripod block and the camera holders. According to the plans,and the pictures, the blocks and the camera holders on the monorail seem to be cut on the blocks supporting these three pieces. I believe that these cuts are necessary (?) but are they? It would seem that the cuts through the internal blocks are for ease of making the blocks secure when the three bolts tighten the tripod mount and the two camera mounts are placed on the monorail.

AmI correct in this assumption, and does anyone have a recommendation on spacing. I have come up with 15 mm from the left and right edges of the top and bottom spacers on the tripod block,and similar spacing on the camera mounting blocks.

Thanks for the advise.


Bob Salomon
16-Mar-2017, 11:07
Do you mean a Grepstad camera?

16-Mar-2017, 11:24
Yes, sorry for the misspelling. I have used oak and walnut for the wood and am about to get into the metal work for the supports. It as been a slow, and meticulous project for me, but I have and am enjoying it.


16-Mar-2017, 11:55
The slots in the sliding blocks and tripod block are absolutely necessary. They allow you to slide the blocks into place, then lock them down with modest tension on the locking screws. The internal measurement of the blocks where they contact the optical bench/rail is 30 x 30mm. (1 3/16") If you a different rail, then use its outer dimensions instead.

16-Mar-2017, 12:23
Thanks for the information. This is exactly what I needed to know. Could the sliding blocks be glues to the side pieces to hold them in place, but still allow them to move as you tighten the mounts? Than ks again for the information and advise.