View Full Version : New D'Agostini book on German/Austrian lens makers in the 19th Century

Steven Tribe
10-Mar-2017, 13:09
This is a follow on from his book covering French makers some years ago.
This one is from 2017 and I have not seen details of it yet.
It seems to follow the general plan of the previous book, but I hope editing hasn't been forgotten this time.

The main selected makers/innovators given chapters are the following:

Petzval and Dietzler

There is an 11 page chapter on "other makers" which seems to me to be rather brief. I don't know who is included yet.

But I have found other makers here. Note that Goerz is included as one of these !!


10-Mar-2017, 22:26
I signed up for a copy.

Kent in SD

Steven Tribe
11-Mar-2017, 02:59
I signed up for a copy.

Kent in SD

Review as soon as possible, please.

I have a Birthday coming up soon. Distribution seems very well organised this time"

Steven Tribe
10-Jul-2017, 14:23
Anyone read this yet?

Any comments would be greatfully appreciated.

Steven Tribe
5-Apr-2018, 15:09
Still no reviews??

I have another birthday coming up in a month!