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10-Mar-2017, 05:46
Hello can anyone advise on worthwhile workshops in the Fall of this year where LF is used and there are darkroom facities available and naturally good instruction. I am not inexperienced but work in isolation and would like to travel to the US to gain more knowledge and learn

Thanks for any ideas

10-Mar-2017, 07:19
I enjoyed Steve Sherman's workshop near Hartford,Conn. http://www.steve-sherman.com/index.cfm

10-Mar-2017, 12:16
The best possible LF workshop on the East Coast USA would be with michael Smith and Paula Chamlee, near Doylestown, PA. The problem is in scheduling it, as they are on the road most of the time all over the world.


bob carnie
10-Mar-2017, 12:30
Sandy King does private Carbon workshops in South Carolina.

Michael Clark
10-Mar-2017, 12:42
John Sexton has workshops, with darkroom , have to sign on early to save a place for workshop. Look him up in google land to find his site. I have taken his printing class and highly recommend it.

12-Mar-2017, 10:22
Thanks for the suggestions, I have also found Bruce Barnbaum's w/s schedule too which I believe are excellent.

Eric Biggerstaff
12-Mar-2017, 11:16
The "best" workshop is one that covers the subjects that interest you, meaning there is no one best workshop. Find an artist whose work you admire and then contact them for workshop information. It also depends on where you are interested in visiting. For my money, doing a private one on one workshop with someone like Alan Ross at his darkroom in Santa Fe New Mexico would be where I would look. Yes it is more expensive but Alan will tailor the workshop to cover topics that you want. In addition, you can go on field sessions with Alan. You might photograph in the morning, develop film in the afternoon and print in the evening. Also, this type of workshop can be fit into your schedule depending on the artists availability.

All the suggestions here are great, just do some research.

Jim Noel
12-Mar-2017, 14:01
There probably is no more knowledgeable, or better technician working today than Alan Ross. He is, or was, the official printer of ANsel's negatives. His own images are truly outstanding, and he doesn't have the huge ego of many workshop providers. He is a pleasure to be with.

14-Mar-2017, 05:04
Thanks again for the common sense Eric

14-Mar-2017, 05:47
Another vote for Steve Sherman - he focuses on one on one instruction now and can cover anything from film development to split printing -see here:


and here:



Steve Sherman
14-Mar-2017, 06:44
I don't enjoy the fame and notoriety that many others do, I have however, put a tremendous focus on how and why something works so the student is not left to merely memorizing my tricks and techniques. I have shot only Large Format 5x7 and 7x17 film for the past 35 years. Over the last two years students from Scotland, Paris, South America and numerous Canadian and United States students have traveled to my central Connecticut darkroom. If you have interest in contacting any of my international students I can provide those email addresses for you, each has provided candid critiques of their 3 day workshops with me. You may also access this page for many unsolicited testimonials, simply scroll to the bottom of this page: http://www.steve-sherman.com/workshops.cfm

Attached here is a short video tour of my Darkroom during the recent Holiday Season https://youtu.be/8bvaC1SEJME Please Private Message me and I will provide my personal email address

Enjoy your time with analog and Large Format Photography and best wishes with your pursuit of advancing your skill set