View Full Version : Help needed - Blue/Cyan Fringe 4X5 Color Negs

8-Mar-2017, 03:50
Hi there,
I hope to find help in this super forum. Thanks in advance for the support.

As you could see form the posted images I have an issue with the edges/corners
of some of my 4X5 negs. This is driving me crazy because it feels random:
-I've tested my holders and it doesn't feel related to them
-It doesn't seem to be related to processing either, I've been cross checking with several labs.
-It doesn't look like a light leak
-More strangely, it does not appear on every neg.

I'm wondering if it might be an issue connected to the multi coating of both my lenses:

Any suggestion is welcomed.


Ken Lee
8-Mar-2017, 05:39
Who is processing your film ?

8-Mar-2017, 05:40

To me it looks like lens or internal camera flare in the first photo, and overexposure or flare in the second photo. How are you metering the scene? What film are you using and what speed are you rating it? Tell us about the development/lab processing of these negatives.

8-Mar-2017, 16:21
to clarify, is this on the Negative itself? or are you just noticing it from what you digitize? could be flare from your digitization method.

4-Apr-2017, 10:13
Dear All,
thanks for your kind interest.

I shoot on
Kodak Portra 400 4X5"

Minolta VI meter
Doing several readings of the scene
Shooting always with a very soft light with very little contrast.
The negs don't look dense of overexposed at all.

As mentioned before, I tried different labs which process films with standard industrial machinery, but I've also tried to process them by myself
with a JOBO ATL-2200. Those flares seems to be independent from processing as I'm constantly getting them despite the different labs that I've tried.

It s very hard to notice them looking directly at the negs, I don't know anyone who could ;-) But, if you are asking if I'm seeing them also on contact prints, for example, the
answer is: yes.